5 Ways To Spice Up Your Dorm Room


Every freshman is excited to start university, however, in many cases, the sight of the dorm could easily deflate any lofty ideas one could have on the living quarters while in college. The dorm room with white walls and creaky bed frames may be smaller than your bedroom at home not to mention the horrors of sharing a bathroom with everyone on your floor. It is not too long before you become adopt to the towel-wrapped shuffle from your room to the shower.

Here are a few tips to transform your dorm room into a piece of home away from home.

1. Revamp Your Bed
Sleep is one of an essential things college students often neglect. Your bed should be your sanctuary. It is your couch, chair, dining table and study nook. But unlike the mattress you may have slept on at home, the university issued piece is notoriously stiff and will not be the comfiest thing in the world. Adding some padding to your mattress, some high funky sheets, some soft pillows and afew blankets to snuggle with can make it cozier.

2. Keep It Cozy With A Rug

Many dorm rooms have bare hard floors that can be cold, so to make it more homely just add rugs. Place it under your desk or bed and it will help create a cohesive- looking space while making your dorm room feel a lot warmer.

3. Pick Up Some Pillows
Throw pillows make a room so much cuter, they can dress up space, add a pop of color and personality. Playing around with different textures, colors and styles can really add comfort and depth to your bed. If you need to cuddle up with something after a long day of lectures, your pillow has your back.

4. Bring Elements From Home
Pick something special and meaningful to you to bring with you from home. Sure you grew out of your stuffed teddy but that does not mean they are not the perfect comforter for those days you’re feeling homesick, lonely or in need of an extra struggle. Having something familiar in an entirely new place, no matter how old you are, can always make everything much better.

5. Get Organized
A tidy dorm room is much more welcoming and it’s important to make that extra effort to put back things to the spot where they belong. A set of cubbies or drawers that can fit under your bed are great for storage.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Stella Wambui.



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