5 ways Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi could celebrate his dirty 30s


Sauti Sol member Delvin Savara Mudigi turned 31.

Although Savara may be worried about getting older, there is no time like the present to celebrate the chance to age with grace. 31 is only the beginning of a new phase of life, so here are a few suggestions on how to celebrate the last 3 decades of your life and plan for the next 30 years of this thing we call life:

1. Take a Trip

Savara is an integral part of the Sauti Sol group. And as such, the foursome has been busy with their latest album Afrikan Sauce. A birthday is the perfect reason to get away from the bustle of the city and retreat to the country or beach. At 31, this is the most appropriate period to take time off for self-reflection or just reconnect with friends.

2. Live On The Edge

Turning 31 is the beginning of a new genesis. Time to take a risk, do something you have never done before. Go sky-diving, climb a mountain, or go zip-lining. Taking time to experience something different and out of your everyday routine may give the chance to experience a different side of your personality. So why not?

3.Practice Gratitude

31 years is a lifetime. In the case of Savara, he has had a long list of accomplishments among them MTV Europe Music Award for Best African Act 2014 and many more. Your 30s are years to celebrate your biggest achievements, so relish the moment and list down your proudest moments. This exercise will spur on a gratitude and a hunger to achieve more.

4. Spread The Love

Savara works with women and girls through the SAWA Community Programme.  The chance to pay it forward to others is priceless. A selfless act always makes a lasting impact, and Savara would understand the value of giving back to his community as a way to mark another year around the sun.

5. Write A Letter To Yourself

It could be a letter of self-reflection on the past, or a letter to encourage yourself in the future. Whatever type of letter you choose to write, it would valuable to look back at and could be instrumental in your journey towards total self-awareness.



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