5 Ways You Could Increase Your Chances Of Landing The Job Online


Some people snap their fingers and a job is given to them because they have some connection or really good luck. However, for the majority, finding a job is a process- from writing a CV and cover letter, sending applications, and going for countless interviews then waiting and hoping one organization calls you back.


To increases your chances of finding a job, here are 4 things you should consider doing online as you scout for a job.


1.Subscribe To Job Sites

Not everyone is lucky enough to get a job with their first application. In fact, statistics show that only 2 percent of applicants get interviews. Although it is prudent to check online for jobs regularly, job hunting is a job in itself, and going through job sites every now and then to check for an opening can be demotivating. Instead, you can subscribe to at least 3 job sites and get updates straight to your email address when new vacancies are on. Some sites, however, may not announce all vacancies so it is upon you to check other site’s online and platforms.

2.Create A LinkedIn Profile

Although it’s best to create a LinkedIn profile while in Campus, it is not debatable when you are out of Campus. I once applied for a job online and among the required things needed was a link to my LinkedIn profile. If I didn’t have one, I would have had to go through the trouble of creating one from scratch and create my circle overnight. Some application portals allow you to paste a link to your LinkedIn profile, instead of your CV, since your LinkedIn profile is essentially you CV. LinkedIn is where you get to create your brand and network with professionals and interest groups.


3.Get A Respectable Email Address

Although your lecturer sent you notes with your [email protected] or [email protected] email addresses, no employer would want to open a message from such an account (they may think it’s spam), or worse, they may never take you seriously and this may make you miss an opportunity to get your CV read, however polished it may be. In case you wonder why you are not being called for interviews, maybe the email address that you opened back in high school to message your exes are sabotaging your chances of landing a job.


4.Leave Your Mark

I am sure by now you are not just uploading selfies on Facebook or videos of you blowing up smoke on snap chat because whatever you post on social media will definitely come back to haunt you. At this point in your life, you should be following organizations on your online platforms. Don’t just follow for following sakes, but comment on professional posts, and put in a good point. If you love writing or seeking for a writing job, start your own blog or contribute to sites that publish online for free. Join online professional groups and sites where you can find vacancies, who knows someone might just spot you.


A few changes could turn your luck around and have you finally landing the job of your dreams.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Carolyne Mutisya.



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