5 Ways You Could Ace The Interview


The new year has began and with it, a renewed drive to change up one’s life. Whether it means progressing towards making a better life; many individuals have included driving into the job search as part of their year’s resolutions.


Before stepping into the interview room, there are several things every job-seeker should know to stand out and land the job. Here are the top 5 tips from Linda Spencer the Assistant Director and Coordinator at the Havard Extension School.

1.Do your research

Before stepping into the interview, it is important to understand the company’s values, how you intend to meet the employer’s needs and add value to the company. Find out the hierarchy of the organization, the officials and how the company fits into the industry.


2. Practice your response

You could try to answer possible questions before the interview. Sufficient practice could help you have more thought out responses and could boost your confidence before the actual interview. The more preparation done before the interview, the better.


3. A good first impression could be the deciding factor

Making eye contact and a strong handshake are some of the distinguishing factors that make candidates stand out. Interviewers are very keen, and pick up on the smallest cues. Body language is among the many ways interviewers assess whether an individual is a right fit. Ensure your personality shines through and when all else fails, smile.


4. Prepare for different types of interviews

Depending on the position you are seeking, job interviews are either behavioral, technical or case study based. Practise beforehand to ensure you are prepared and can handle the types of questions presented to your at the interview.


5. Follow through

Ensure you have a closing statement highlighting why you would best fit the organization. It is also recommended to ensure you enquire on the next steps and follow through. A thank you note or email is also a nice touch to ensure you reiterate how keen you might be on the job vacancy.


Watch the video below to here the top 5 tips to clenching the job.




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