5 Tips To Stand Out In A Large Lecture Hall


When you go to a big college, it is not uncommon to take one or more classes in a lecture hall alongside hundreds of other students. In such a large setting, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and you feel like a body filling a chair. A lot of students find it hard to focus in such classes.

No matter how big the class is, it’s always smart to get on your professors’ good side. Not only will this come in handy if you’re confused about your coursework or need to ask for an extension on your assignment, but your professors can also write you letters of recommendation and provide connections in their field.

In addition to making your professor like you, being active in a lecture will make space feel less intimidating and help you grasp the course material better. Fortunately, there are ways for you to survive and succeed in a lecture class.

Be early

Being early allows you to get a seat near the front and it’s a good way to show interest. Most professors are disturbed by late entries to class and if you do it more than once, that become the thing for which you are remembered for.

Attend class

This might seem obvious, but there are many students who only show up to take exams. Going to class increases the opportunities for your professor and peers to know you. The class is also the perfect time to ask questions and share ideas, setting you a step further from your absent classmates.


It’s easier to get something out of a lecture if you participate. A professor is there to answer questions as part of their job. You can even disagree with a professor. Not everything they say is a fact, and if you don’t agree you can speak up. As long as you speak in a respectful manner there is no reason for anyone not to listen to you.

Sit in front of the room

It’s always a wise policy to sit in front of the class. It’ll be easier for your professor to at least recognise your face. By sitting up front you’re showing your professor that you’re alert and ready. Because you have fewer distractions to worry about, it’s also way easier to pay attention to lecture if you’re up front.

Take advantage of office hours

Introduce yourself to your professor during office hours to ask for help or further discuss last lectures topic. He/she might even you remember as that student who participated during lecture. Going up to them after the lecture to introduce yourself is fine but again, don’t waste their time with idle chit-chat. If they do help you out, remember to thank them for doing so.

Most professors like students who are eager to participate in class. If they know who you’re, then it’ll be easier for you if you need their help down their road. Learning how to assert to yourself in a large room now will definitely help you in the years to come.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Stella Wambui




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