5 Times 43-year-old David Beckham was the most fashionable footballer


David Beckham may be 43 but his golden locks and stunning blue eyes could have anyone thinking he is a 20-something. With an illustrious career playing for Manchester United, Real Madrid and even LA Galaxy, Beckham is among the most sought-after players of all time. Coupled with his great fashion sense, Beckham’s talent extends in and out of the pitch as he continues to serve up great looks since the 1990s.

Here are the top 5 iconic looks by David Beckham:

1.The Dapper Brother

The suit cannot be underestimated, just look at how great he looks.

2.The Lumberjack

Beckham could be credited with making the man bun popular again.

3. Good boy gone bad

David is known for making a scruffy beard and ripped jeans oh so sexy and it’s no wonder why he looks amazing.

4. Ink and metal

Beckham is known to be a very flamboyant player and his style is not limited to his prowess on the pitch but also includes his ink. With a body covered in tattoos, he is one player that was hard to miss. With over 40 tattoos, Becks just added some new ink inspired by the solar system.

5.Cornrows for the win 

In 2003, one of English football’s most famous players took a risk with fashion. Braiding his hair, many still doubt whether it was a good move for Beckham.



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