5 things you will go through in your first days as a fresher


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KCSE results are set to be announced next week. The celebration, the tears and university intakes will soon follow. So much freedom and responsibility. Being a new environment, there’s bound to be confusion. If you are planning on joining campus soon, this is what to expect. If you’re already past your newbie phase in campus, let’s reminisce about the good old times, shall we?

1. You’ll become BFF’s with your “home girl” or “homeboy”

Since campuses draw people from all over the country and sometimes world, it is only natural to align yourself with someone you share a background with. Whilst it might be hard to find someone from your village or estate, a 40-kilometer distance sounds close enough to form friendships. Though the best advice would be to interact with people from new places and get to draw from their experiences.

2. You have a crush on someone and later avoid them

So you saw him during orientation and thought he looked hot, but that countryside accent just didn’t appeal to you. Problem is, he’ll probably interpret your cold shoulder as a-hard-to-get move. Worse? You’re stuck with him in the same class.

3. You’ll sit in the wrong lecture

“I wonder why this sounds strange to me…are university topics this tough.” No, they are not. It’s just that you are a Business Administration student in a Structural Engineering class. Took you ten minutes to figure that out, huh. Don’t worry. You might accidentally realize that this is the right career path.

4. Join every club and society

So you heard that clubs and societies really boost your CV? Well, they do, but attending a Fresher’s fair and signing up to eighteen clubs is just excitement, compared to joining the Career Club and learn soft skills that will help you scale the career heights. This will be proven right when after a semester, you come across your Ants Protection Club card and wonder if ever that exists.

5. You’ll find someone crying about missing home.

Remember us mentioning that campus is considered freedom for many? Well, not for everyone apparently. During your first days you’ll come across that one person who is so homesick, he enquires about the possibility of switching to online classes. These people are however overshadowed by those so happy to have left their parents’ nest, that they blast “turn down for what?” like an anthem.

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