5 things you should know about Distruction Boyz


Distruction Boyz are set to perform at the Kikoy Festival.

The dynamic duo are the headlining act at the festival slated for 18.8.2018, this weekend at The Hub. Here are 5 things you should know about Distruction Boyz:

5. Distruction Boyz has their own recording label.

The Durban-based duo only recently became popular, with the track “Omunye.” However, they have a recording label dubbed Distruction Boyz recording label in Durban.

4. Distruction Boyz pioneered a sub-genre.

The boyz from Durban created their own style. Known for the gqoum bounce, their tracks popularised the new sound that rules the airwaves in South Africa and beyond. With 4 heavy hitting tracks in their album soaring up the charts, this sub-genre is definitely their signature sound.

3. Distruction Boyz only has 2 members.

It might seem as though they are a group of 3 to 4 individuals, however Zipho Mthembu and the Thobani Mgobhozi only members.

2. Distruction Boyz are certified gold.

The gqoum artists are the first to gain gold certification from the Recording Industry of South Africa.

1. The Distruction Boyz are both under 23.

Zipho Mthembu is only 22 years old and his co-creator deejay Thobani Mgobhozi is only 21-years-old.



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