5 things to pack for college



College is a time of self-discovery and personal growth. The time spent in college for most is filled with memories of good times and chill vibes. Actually very few memories are created in the classroom though I cannot emphasize how it is important to focus on the purpose of college and the goals you hope to achieve during your college career. So as you pack your suitcase and go out into the world, here are a few things you need to pack:

  1. Leaving home means independence, freedom and lots of responsibilities. Carrying a guide to life like The Bible or Quran is more than important. It may sound silly but having a book that answers life’s hardest questions is of essence especially as you hope to discover yourself and grow.
  2. In college you might get a lot of free time, so make sure you do not fill it with drugs and alcohol because that will soon become boring and distractive. Instead, a good book will enrich your life and cultivate a culture of reading that will enrich your life. To Kill a Mocking Bird by Louisa May Scott, The Fault in our Stars by John Green and many more are books you can read for leisure apart from your class reading list that will definitely broaden your mind.
  3. When packing for college, avoid carrying too many clothes because you probably will not wear them. Just carry the essentials! This includes toiletries, a few t-shirts and of course very comfortable shoes. Flat shoes will be part of your look for the next 4 years so make sure you have a variety. I recommend a pair of converse or Bata ngomas because they are durable and light. You should also carry some active wear for sports.
  4. A security cable for your laptop is a necessity. If you value your laptop and its contents which will important assignments and termpapers, you will need a security cable. You should also look into getting an internet connection cable depending on the strength of wifi within your campus.
  5. Sometimes we need to be reminded about those things that may seem insignificant. Carrying your prescription medicines and vitamins is imperative especially if you suffer from asthma, ulcers or other chronic conditions. Your health should come first, no matter where you are.
  6. I would also advise that you buy some easy-to- cook food items and late night snacks. Ensure that you do not compromise on eating healthy because gaining weight in college is easier than you think with late night cramming sessions and binge drinking, the munchies are not your best friend. So granola and yoghurt even noodles are easy to have when you are rushing from one class to another.
  7. When leaving home, I always found carrying one luxury item is crucial. This can remind you of home and keep you from feeling home sick. You could carry an album filled with pictures of your happiest memories or it could be a special tea that reminds you of home. Whatever it is, it is your little slice of home, and a little pick me up whenever you have had a rough day.




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