5 things every fresher should know


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So many of our public universities have resumed or are yet to resume for this semester which simply means that young excited freshmen will be joining these highly praised institutions. So if you are a freshman out there simply get a pen and paper and let’s go through the reality of campus.

1. Contain your excitement.

The first and most annoying thing most freshmen do when they join campus is tour the entire university with that new phone taking pictures of everything. Calm down people you’re going to have four years at least, to take as many as you could. The best thing to do is keep a low profile and study your environment first. This will help you to determine which places you want to hang out. Most freshmen usually lose track during this time and if you can control yourself in the first semester, it would save you a lot.

2. Know who you are.

This is university now and there are no matrons or stuff like that to keep you in check so you have to know exactly what you stand for. Here you will meet lots of people from various backgrounds and all of them have varied beliefs so if you don’t stand for anything you will fall for everything.

3. Be content with what you have.

People come from different backgrounds and you have no idea what makes them tick. That’s one statement I would strongly advise every freshman to have at the back of your mind. Don’t go admiring everything that people have because at the end of the day you can’t have everything. It does not matter if you are the richest or the poorest, as long as you are not content, you will easily be led to people aimed at fulfilling your financial needs and truth be said it doesn’t end up well.

4. Focus on your goals.

I know you’re thinking that is exactly what I came here to do. But trust me after a month in campus you will understand what I mean. You may be caught up in the university drama but never forget that someone is working themselves off just so you can sleep in that nice room and get the best education. Don’t make them regret making that decision of educating you but make them as proud as you can

5. Finally have fun.

You are only in campus ones and you are only a freshman once. So get the best out of this time. Do all the things that bring satisfaction to you. You will have a lot of free time so use this to nature your hobbies and they could also take you places. It’s not all about the books here, it’s also about the skills outside class

So as you grab your suitcase, and start this journey with a smile. Most of all do not forget the Almighty for it is only through Him that all these will make sense.

Enjoy your stay.

By Grace Njeri



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