5 Things To Do Before Drincember


December is fast approaching and so are the festivities. Companies are in a rush to market their products massively due to the increased expenditure by holiday goers. Here are a number of things you can take advantage of before the Christmas holidays come to an end, whether you’re working or not

1. End-of-the-year parties in a company
Many corporate organizations usually have end-of-the-year festivities to celebrate the gains made during the year. It’s also one way of getting to know each other with your colleagues. You could use this opportunity to showcase your performance, during the entire year, to your senior managers to raise your spotlight. Who knows? You might just start the following year with a promotion!

2. Get A Temporary Job As  A Brand Ambassador
During Christmas, companies want their products to reach a wide variety of customers. You won’t miss finding leaflets at malls, sporting events, and even concerts. Promoting brands could be one way of making extra cash during this festive season.

3. Get Experience As A Party planner
If you trust that you have the guts to organize a successful party or any social event, then this is the time for you to jump into action! Hundreds of events from weddings, annual general meetings, and corporate gathering to music concerts

4. Begin The Job Hunt
It’s true that companies hire particularly during December so that they do not start a new year with scarcities in Human Resource. Hiring new personnel takes a lot of time, not to forget the huge resource consumption. And no manager would want to go through that at the onset of the year.

5. Holiday Deals
For an aggressive online shopper, E-Stores are chopping off 50% on some of its household products. Many hotels are offering coupons on some of their services for travelers.  You could use this chance to travel to places that have never been explored before.




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