5 signs that fall under Generation Z


Generation Z is the new generation, born in the mid-1990s they are a group of individuals who are distinct, far more different from their predecessors.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs that fall under Generation Z:

1.Hungry for fame
I have no idea who told youths you get paid by being famous. The youth would do anything to be famous. From indecent exposure on the internet to participating in reality shows for a chance to become famous, Generation Z will do anything to be famous. Influenced by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Vera Sidika, it is easy to see why the life of the rich and famous is oh so appealing.

2.Lazy to the bone
Life has been made easy all thanks to technology. But with the advent of innovation, ambition and drive were lost on Generation Z. They, want the easy way out. Instant money, instant love, and instant food. Many now call themselves bloggers, armed with cameras and a legion of Instagram followers they call themselves public figures and models. The appreciation of  a real job is lost on them, and why not? Unconventional jobs are so mmuch better, who doen’t like flexihours.

3. Disregard for others
Generation Z is known not to acknowledge the society. Driven by independence, they act like they can make it by themselves. I will tell you something, it takes a village to make a success story. People will grow you and impact some meaningful virtues which are important.

4.Avante Garde approach to fashion
Youths these days dress to be sexy and cool, to stand out. In an attempt to be different, sometimes Generation Z take their dressing to the extremes in the name of fashion. With different styles coming to the fore, the youth take their self-expression to new heights.

5. Life lived online
Most members of Generation Z  live their lives on social media. Platforms that were was once meant for connecting people, have now become a platform to show off one’s lavish lifestyle. With relationships built in chatrooms, and jobs carried out over the internet, it is easy to understand how the internet has truly changed a generation’s perception of reality.




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