5 Rules you should know before trying out karaoke with friends


Picture this; you hit the club in the evening with your girlfriend or buddies and directly went for drinks. One hour into that ‘booze moment’, you feel exhausted and are perhaps thinking of hitting the road. But then, the MC suddenly announces that anyone ready for some karaoke session should present their names. Should you rise to the occasion and quickly hand in your name in that state?

Karaoke sessions are meant to be fun, possibly to entertain yourself or simply show off some singing skills when you are with your boys. But some rules apply before one grabs the mic.

1.The Choice Of Music Matters

The kind of song you pick will determine whether you ‘kill’ it or make a fool of yourself. Keep off Diamond’s Bongo music, it may be popular but singing along would create some Tanzanian-Kenyan Swahili language barriers. Stick to the 90’s classics, they are great sing-alongs. Many people know them very well and the moment you start singing, they’ll all jump in simultaneously.

2. Never Drop The Mic At The End

It’s not a rap competition and neither is it a professional comedy appearance. Try to keep it mellow and avoid rapping, unless you have unbelievable flow. Dropping the mic would mean you’ve got some ‘Eminem’ or ‘Chris Rock’ sh*t in you, so know your abilities and capitalize on them.

3. Don’t Get To The Stage If You’re Too Drunk

You don’t want to wreck your date and definitely upset the MC plus the entire audience. I have witnessed a karaoke session where a drunken dude got the stage and before he could start singing, he peed in his pants! You can guess what followed. Avoid an embarrassing moment, sit back and enjoy the show if you are already in a drunken state.

4. Don’t Take It Too Serious

Keep it fun. The reason why it’s not a professional activity is that its intended for entertainment, generally to keep the audience -the club attendants- lively. Therefore, regardless of the song whether a slow emotional song or some first-beat dance music- leave the nerves at home, and just have fun because no one is judging you.

5. Keep it Short and Sweet

Two minutes is the highest you can reach. Making extensions through repetitive choruses will be boring and annoying at the same time. Remember, many people have signed up for the session. Do not be selfish, just keep it short and sweet.







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