5 Reasons Why Studying Abroad Can Spur Your Personal Growth


Here are the top 5 reasons why studying abroad could totally change your life:


1. Harsh Realities Fasttrack Your Growth
When you move to a new country, adulting gets real. You do not have every opportunity to get help from your family or friends. You learn to navigate new places, make friends and manage your finances. You are forced to become very independent when balancing school work and holding down a job.


2. Interacting With People From Diverse Backgrounds
Never in my life had I thought that I would meet people from countries like Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Living and studying abroad has exposed me to people diverse not only in their nationality but also in their experiences. One thing I especially love to do is ask people about their perspectives on current affairs in their countries. For example, my roommate is Syrian and I got to ask (respectfully) and listen in on her perspective of the war in Syria. Interacting with others also helps us in shedding stereotypes we may have internalised.


3. It Provides Opportunities For New Experiences
Studying abroad offers one the opportunity to visit new places, learning new languages, trying out new food and more. Often you will find that you have to unlearn things that you know as you see different perspectives on life. Negative experiences like racism and microaggressions also impact you as they give you a rude awakening and open your eyes to other people’s reality.


4. Offers One A New Appreciation For Things Once Taken For Granted
As I write this, I am battling a huge craving for Blueband and food seasoned with Royco. These are things I never imagined craving. I also miss things as mundane as talking to my friends and family face to face and not being interrupted by weak internet connections and the constant buffering of video call apps like Skype. Also after spending both Eid and Christmas helped up in my room, I definitely miss the warmth of family gatherings.


5. Offers One The Chance To Experience A Different Learning System
It allows one to experience different types of education that one otherwise would not be exposed to. A country’s education system also goes as far as helping you understand its people and the way they think. This is beneficial as you can enrich your home country with the new things that you learn after graduating.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Garnet Achieng’.



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