5 Reasons Why Mwanaume Si Effort


A million women will tell you they miss the old-fashioned guy. The man who will open doors for you, take care of you, fix things; basically a man who put some effort into impressing the woman. For some reasons that guy is lost, and women miss him. It’s not entirely the man’s fault. Woman have played a role in it.

Having said that, here is why the modern man isn’t trying anymore:

1.Women have settled for less

Women no longer have standards. They have given up on saying no and waiting for the next guy who would step up and meet the standards.

2. ‘Do It Myself’ Kind of woman

Talk to any modern woman out there and they’ll make it crystal clear to you they do not need a man. They say ‘ I can do it myself’. Women no longer give men those opportunities to help them anymore. Something went wrong in the house, they have the mechanical guy on speed dial.

3.The modern man is too busy

You can never be too busy to help out your woman. Long gone are the days when men would drop everything to help their woman. When they would ensure the woman is comfortable before they think of themselves. Men simple have no time for their women, in many ways chivalry is dead.

4.Changing times

He has a degree in medicine, but guess what? He can’t even fix a bulb. Why? He doesn’t know how. He has the electrician on speed dial.  If he can’t fix his own bulb, can he even know what’s wrong with your door knob? Men are so concerned with unnecessary modern ways to please a woman. Take her to a restaurant and drop her home. Tell her to call an electrician the following morning to fix her bulb, because he’ll  pay for it.

5. Missing father figures

Most men have grown to emulate the neighbor who is a drunk and beats women. It is no longer the society’s responsibility to hold men accountable.   It is surprising how men raised by single men, somehow emerge better men than those with fathers at home.


It’s sad to see men compete with women to get seats in a matatu. It’s simple the moment a man acts as an equal to a woman on such things, It’s that time that you loose credibility to become a Boyfriend or anything more. Where is the Mr fix, women miss you.



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