5 Realizations You Make After Completing Campus


Gone are times of simple classes followed by a dancing the night away while in university. As the new realities of life after college dawn on many, here are 5 things you realize when you complete campus.


1.The Real World Is Made Of Harsh Realities

Campus is like a different planet and when you graduate real life, is like you’ve landed on Mars.  Reality hits you. It’s like a rebirth. One quickly realizes one must work for what they want. One soon realizes the difference between expectations versus reality.


2.You Will Surprise Yourself

Something inside you awakens and you feel like invincible. The cruelty of the world has not crept in yet and like a superhero, the world is in your hands. You attempt to follow your passion and do something contrary to what people expect, like set up your own start up or take a short course.


3.You Will Question How You Completed University

Looking back, you wonder how you managed to complete college without quitting or becoming an alcoholic. You start to wonder how you managed to sit through the lectures and complete those 10+ pages term papers. You will question how sat through exams and might even cringe at the thought of taking exams again. You will be grateful you actually graduated.


4.Life Will Bring You Down From Your Pedestal

You are not just a University graduate, but an ordinary citizen. You appreciate that comes your way, no matter how small. The pocket money no longer flows in, and you will be broke! Any money you get you hold on tight and search for any opportunity available.Desperation might drive you to apply for anything and everything to get your life going.


5. You Realize Your Parents Always Had  Your Back

Truth be told, your parents are the ones who will help you kick-start your life, whether it’s by helping you pay rent or giving transport the first month when you start your new job.  Do not take it for granted that they allow you to stay home while you job hunt. They are not just the ole’ folks after all, so keep them close.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Carolyne Mutisya.



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