5 Principles Of The Guy Code That Men Should Not Overlook

Guy code refers to rules that control the way men should act when interacting with females or other males. In an intimate friendship, the following five principles must be adhered to, to keep the relationship in check.

1.A Wingman’s Role Should Never Be Underappreciated

A wingman is basically your third hand in a relationship. He supports your ideas-whether based on lies or truth. He makes additions to your incomplete statements, and often always help manage the women in your life. A wingman is indispensible and most men have played wingman to a friend. The role of wingman is one that should be taken seriously.

2.Never Propose Inside Your House

There comes a time when you’ve got to settle. Dating can arduous and often losses its luster. But what matters most is how you go about finally leaving the life of a bachelor. When you decide to finally propose, careful considerations must be made to make the day special. Women often get emotional when a man proposes, and that day lingers in their mind forever.

To make it more memorable, take her to the beach, a famous historical site, or another place far away from home. A little effort goes a long way, to make the day one to remember.

3.Make Her The Focus Of Conversation

Small talk should not be about you but her. Small talk is not your chance to list your life experiences and wait for your female counterpart to stroke your ego. You do not want to upset her or make it boring with your common talking points. Keep the conversation light and interesting. And remember a compliment or two never hurt your cause.

4.Always Be On The First Move

When dating, always prioritize maing the first move. If the two of you ‘cliqued’, then do not hesistate to make your feelings known. In case of an arguement, take offenses lightly, no relationship ever sails smoothly.

Willie Blaire :