5 Powerful Lessons To Learn From Sexual Assault


With more people discussing sexual assault, it is important to recognize that the times have changed. Here are some fundamentals that all women need to know about sexual assault:

1. You Are Not Obligated To Please Any Man
Live your life, say no when you don’t want to. Don’t do things or give in to a man’s demands because you are afraid of losing or upsetting him. Last time I checked you are unique and you are human. You can say no anytime you want to. Don’t be intimidated.

2. It’s Not Your Fault 
I know the society will say it’s your fault he sexually assaulted you . It’s sad! It’s not your fault. How you dress, how you walk, how you do your makeup is not the reasons he sexually assaulted you. He had bad intentions from the beginning and probably he is used to getting away with it.

3. Speak Out
Yes, people will judge you, discriminate you. Make you feel like it was your fault but the only way to prevent that from happening in the future is by speaking out. You have a right to speak out to protect yourself, protect the girl next door and to break the cycle of abuse.
To get justice for the inhuman thing that happened to you.
Find the courage somewhere in you to speak out.

4. You Are Not A Man’s Object of Pleasure
It takes a society to raise a kid and am sure they taught you how to speak to men, how to behave and not do things or dress to provoke their sexual side. Be yourself, don’t restrict yourself to living your life to the fullest.

5. You Are Your Sister’s Keeper
Put some weight on what your sister or friend tells you. Stand up for her when she can’t stand up for herself. Listen and understand. Do not judge. We can’t have the society judging and you judging your sister. It’s important to care for those around you. It could happen to you or any other person you care about.

It’s going to take a lot of courage to stand against such injustices. It starts with you and I. Let’s make it a routine of speaking out. Let’s all stand and say no to sexual assault.



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