5 of the best upcoming Kenyan rappers



1. GBO

Golden Boy Odongo (GBO) developed an interest in rap music at an early age and started writing lyrics at age 14. He recorded his first single – DTA (death to all) with Miagi in 2009. Although he has been around for some time, its only over the last year that he has intensified his music career. The latest releases include My City featuring Dora and I’ll be Here – which shows the ambitions and focus of the rapper/producer.


2. Smallz Lethal


As the chair of arguably the dopest rap group in Kenya, Smallz and his Washamba Wenza group are not only into rapping but are involved in a number of youth initiatives under the Ghetto Youth For Peace banner. Smallz Lethal has been rapping since 2002 but has recently made waves with ‘Banana Flow’ – collabo with Raj.


3. Lon Jon

‘L.O.N J.O.N, get the name right homie’ That’s the opening line of Lon Jon’s ‘Go get It! Single (video below). Also known as The Captain, Lon Jon has done his homework; seeking mentors like Bamboo, working on sick lyrics and quality videos



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