5 Misconceptions About Women That Should Remain in 2017


It’s a modern world and the woman is empowered, when encouraged she can do anything. However, the outcomes of 2017 may have many thinking that a woman is doomed from womb to tomb. It’s sad that the community secretly shames women behind their backs. However, this can all change with by adopting a new mindset.

Here are a few misconceptions that should remain in 2017 and signal a new thinking in 2018:

1. The Woman Makes or Breaks The Relationship
We feel flattered by that statement and believe me women do their best to keep the marriage working. Marriage is a partnership where both parties are accountable if it does not work out. Somehow somewhere someone decided that the woman should take all the blame. Uncool people! The man cheats, it’s the woman’s fault; how? This mindset should definitely be thrown out with the dawning of a new year.

2. No Means Yes and Vis Versa
Yes, women can be emotional and undecided, however, it is essential to respect their decisions. For instance when a woman says no to sexual advances believe her, and talk her at her word. Women do not say no so you can try harder, no means no. Respect it.

3. Women Were Born To Get Married and Bear Children
Marriage is no longer mandatory, it’s a personal choice. Gone are the days where it was mandatory to get married. In this age and error, a woman chooses to get married or even get kids.

4. Women Must Have A Sponsor To Succeed
We can do it, as much as men can. No woman these days can enjoy their success without someone pointing fingers to some famous old guy to give credit for her success. Am not saying there are no such cases, all am saying is women can and they are doing it. Stop trying to discredit their success.

5. Rape Is A Woman’s Fault

Rape is never a woman’s fault. Never.



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