5 life lessons every girl should learn


Sadly, Generation Z ladies have lost it. Fame, greed and unrealistic beauty standards have driven us to extremes. It’s never too late to turn things around. Life is about being true to yourself and living your best life. Feel every vibe that comes along with life experiences, good and bad. This is not easy to achieve considering the many factors hindering the young ladies from being herself.

Tto reclaim your life, here are 5 a must things every young lady should know:

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Boys
They are human. They feel emotions as much as you do. Despite acting all tough act they break too. Don’t feel intimidated in the sense that you feel like they are stronger or better than you in any way. Respect them but don’t fear them.

2.Focus On You
Focus on being better, feeling better, a better version of you. Forget about what people expect you to do and work toward on what you want and building on that. Do not stress trying to impress people, instead impress yourself. There is no better feeling than the one you have at the end of the day feeling important and successful.

3. Forget About Pressure
These days you don’t have to be pressured by your peers. Every corner there are ridiculous standards and expectations that people have of you. Don’t give in to that. Be you. Do you. Don’t try to fix it. Sometimes fitting in is just a bad idea. Stand out like how each rainbow color stands out. Claim who you are and keep that. Don’t bow to pressure.

4.Socialize With Everyone And Expect Nothing
Like my boss says, “ be nice”. Talk to people without any intention of getting something back. Cultivate connections, not in the sense that they have to lead to business but learn to cultivate the charm of talking to people yet expecting nothing. You never know you might turn someone’s life around.

5. Stay True To Yourself
One of the best things you could ever do is being true to yourself. Liberate your personality and be free to be you. Don’t restrain from being you. You get the best out of life by being yourself. It might not always equal to a happy life but at least it does most of the times.

The time is now. It all starts with being you and mastering these five things.

Live a fulfilling and happy life, that’s what matters.




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