5 Legitimate reasons to skip class



If you have to skive a class, then you better have a good reason.  Here are a couple of excuses one could use to avoid a lecture..

1. Food poisoning

This is one of the classic excuses because after a night out, one does look like they have food poisoning especially if you have been vomiting a lot. Food poisoning can be contracted from badly cooked food, which is actually quiet fitting for college students exposed to the horrifying food served in the cafeteria or some dingy joints. Most of the time lecturers will not believe this excuse especially if it is just before a major examination or mid-semester exam so choose your timing appropriately.

2. Cramps

This excuse is like a get-out-of-jail-free card for all female students. You can get away with a lot by just chucking the cramp card. It is especially effective if your professor is a man who gets squeamish at the thought of a woman having her “Aunt Flow” visiting. However, I must insist that this excuse is not useful more than once a month for obvious reasons.

3. Family obligations

This is a classic. No professor can hold it against you for your family obligations, whether it is a funeral or wedding. However, I would exercise caution not to use this excuse too often because it might not look genuine. Giving prior notice can also communicate to your professors that you are not up to any mischief.

4. Injuries

If you play for any school sports teams, an injury may be your pass from a day or two in class. A sprained leg and a few bruises can make you look like the hero who came back with some battle wounds while representing the university. I must warn that these injuries should not be faked because it could easily back fire in your face and sour the relationship between you and your professor such that when you actually get injured, few people will believe it unless it is clearly visible.

5. Contagious diseases

Any contagious disease will help keep you away from class Bird flu, Chickenpox, ringworms and even lice. Do you remember having to stay home in primary school because of chickenpox? Having one of these diseases is a sure way to stay away from others since no one wants to risk infection; definitely no lecturer wants half his students infected with a terrible flu or chickenpox.

What other excuses do you think can guarantee a day away from the classroom?



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