5 indicators he might be Mr. Right


A friend of mine texted me yesterday saying she’s in a dilemma, having to choose between three guys. She says she thinks they all love her. She’s been in contact with all of them for quite some time now but thinks it’s time to settle with one, and she doesn’t know who to settle on.

Here are a few things to consider if you doubt if a  guy right for you:

1.Is he really dedicated to you?
Now listen carefully, a random campus guy will slide into your DM at 3 am just to tell you he loves you. Another one will take you to the Imax on a sunny Saturday afternoon, while another one will take you to the Churchill show recordings in a borrowed suit to express the same feeling. You see, to me, all the three guys seem romantic and maybe they all like you. You will have to know who among them is genuine and really wants you. Find out their individual schedules and know who really gives you their quality time. It may not necessarily be the one who texts and blows your phone all day long. It’s just that simple.

2.Where did you meet?
It is no doubt that people are defined by the places they go to. If for instance if you meet someone at a children’s home and another a club last night, lots can be said about their priorities. However, it is essential not to judge a book by its cover. You may have met a man at Sunday service, and he could end up being a hypocrite. Always aim to look beyond the surface level.

3. What attracted him to you?
Dig deep into what exactly drew you to him and vice-versa. Was he drawn to you because of your waistline, your curves, or was it your personality? If by any chance you find out that the guy fell in love with your personality, do not let that man go. For curves, well, there will always be someone out there with better and sexier curves than yours.

4.Do you picture a future with him?
This man you want to choose is going to be your man, not your friends’ man. Sit down and talk to yourself. It is important to consider whether you really want to spend your time such a man. Don’t be out to please your friends, because you will have to live with the consequences of their decisions.

5.Is playing hard to get safe?
And finally, if you realize there’s a good guy hitting on you, please don’t prolong the process “playing hard to get.” That thing, as much as it could help you know who is serious and who is not when a guy decides to love you and you feel the love appreciate it and give him hints of your mutual feeling. In this era, no man is going to spend his time with a girl that doesn’t seem to appreciate his efforts.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor George Achoka.



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