5 important lessons from P.Diddy’s Howard University Commencement Speech

HipHop mogul Sean “P.Diddy” Combs delivered a commencement speech to Howard University graduates Class of 2014. The New Yorker was conferred with an honorary Doctorate degree in Humanities during the graduation and gave a spirited speech. The excited entertainer shared his memories while in the Howard  University and a few life lessons with the graduates based on his past experiences.

1.Embrace the entreprenuerial spirit

Life may close one door, but there is always another door open around the corner. The spirit of an entreprenuer is that which seeks out solutions and never gives up. A great work ethic sets an individual apart from the pack. P.Diddy began his clothing line Sean Combs in 1998 and has since been nominated and won an award for his innovative designs by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Sean attributed a keen work ethic and the ability to recognise oppurtunities as major part of his success.

2.Don’t Burn Your Bridges

Speaking on the relationships he made in college, Mr Combs emphasised that his relationships with friends and lecturers were a great source of support during his darkest times. While in college, students often make great friendships and these connections could easily propel anyone to a greater future.

3. Know Your Power

The journey to realising one’s power could spur students to reach for their biggest dreams. Puff Daddy insisted on self reflection. As the keynote speaker at the Howard graduation, the self-made millionaire urged students to look within themselves and acknowledge their power. Even when the odds are stacked against you,  your power could set in motion your course to greatness. Diddy reiterated the importance of self affirmations as encouragement even in the worst of times. He often repeated the phrase the affirmation, ” do you know how powerful you are?” urging students to speak their dreams into reality.


To make the most of life, one must be self-driven, motivated to change the world. According to the three-time Grammy winner, “no one takes you to the front of the line unless you take yourself to the front.” Sometimes, one must actively take themselves from a particular situation to move on to better. The mogul who previously worked as an intern in 1990 after dropping out of Howard Univeristy, acknowledged life is full of ups and downs. He pointed out ” you can not achieve success without failure.” The ability to accept one’s failures grants one the ability to bounce back.

5. Preparation is Key To Success

The right groundwork could be the difference between making the right decision and a decision that leads to failure. Dr. Combs remarked ” Life is marathon, not a sprint.”  A fire in one’s belly and the right preparation could smooth out one’s path to success.

Watch P. Diddy’s commencement speech at Howard University here:

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