5 Essentials To Consider Before Attending A Company Outing


Corporate outings are short trips, usually one or two days, organized by the company for the purpose of reducing employees’ stress, pleasure and getting to know one another outside of the workplace. However, some employees tend to make critical mistakes that could eventually muddle with their jobs.

The following are five mistakes that should never be tolerated:

1.Not socializing with your seniors

Showing up during the picnic and avoiding talking to your senior management team is a definite thumbs down for you. Some people fear to approach their seniors because they are juniors. On the positive side, engaging with your seniors during such social moments may be one channel in which they get to realize your skills and this could translate to a promotion in the office.

2.Not participating in the scheduled games/events

Although people act differently when it comes to social events, your ego should not lead you into believing that such fun games are meant for “active” people. Take this chance and show your skills in whether it be basketball or board games, whatever the activity, participation is great.

3.Don’t drink too much

When handling the drinks section, ensure you drink very little. You don’t want to humiliate yourself in front of your coworkers when boozed up. Remember they are not your friends, but your co-workers. Always keep your boundaries in mind.

4.Dress sporty, not revealing

Corporate outings usually involve fun activities; therefore, your mode of dressing must reflect the activities. Keep your mini skirt and muscle shirt for the weekend with your friends.

 5.Keep office talk away from the field

Finally, please never talk about your office work in the field. No one wants to hear how you organized that PowerPoint presentation. Access the mood, and allow yourself some time to have fun with some coworkers.  



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