5 do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before meeting the parents


Meeting your girls’ parents means a real commitment to the relationship.

This signals the yearning to keep her close and finally seal the deal by putting a ring on it.  Parents are the approving agents and your interractions with them will determine whether the relationship continues on. This is the best moment to shine, and to show the best side of you. But guys, sometimes, become nervous and overwhelmed.
So as you meet the parents for the first time, remember, you are there to get their endorsement.

Here are some of the items to keep in mind as you enter the house

1. Confidence Will Earn You Points
Don’t be jittery; confidence is essential. Dress well, remember your p’s and q’s and always be keen to remember your table manners. Everything is in the details; so ensure that you exhibit the same care and respect that you would for your parents. Don’t be silly and address them with their real names but simply refer to them as ‘Mr and Mrs.’

2.PDA is out of the equation
The moment you entered the house and greeted her dad, he must have looked at you and thought to himself…”so this is the dude smashing my daughter?” They already know that, so you don’t have to prove to them how affectionate you can get. Keep it PG13, and respect her parents. Hand holding, or ocassion hand on her should should suffice.

3. Always Gift Her Mother
One way of appreciating the woman who took great care of your future wife is gifting. Ladies love gifts – mostly flowers in this case. Ask in advance what flowers she likes; your fiance/girlfriend can guide you on the selection of flowers.

4. Compliments Are Necessary
An opening statement like ‘Thank you Mrs. Waweru, I love your dress’ or ‘Hello Mr. Waweru, that’s a nice jacket sir’ will work best but don’t get into redundant details like who’s the maker, its price or size. You’ll spoil the mood with your unnecessary questions.

5.Reply to Her Parents’ Queries like A Pro
You are in the hot seat the moment your foot stepped into that house. Questions (some simple and others hard) will come from both sides. Give simple and straight forwrd answers. Don’t guess through for those that you lack the answers. Always be honest and respectful; trust me it will go a long way in building repor with your girlfriend’s parents.



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