5 careers with high growth projection in the next decade


Choosing what to study in university either as an undergraduate or graduate student is more than just about what you ‘like.’ There are many factors to consider before rushing into a specific programme. For most, university education is a means of attaining future employment. So, besides your interests, financial position, an important factor to consider these days is your degree’s usefulness in the future. University education is costly and time consuming, so logically you would like to study something that can secure your future. Here is a list of careers that have a high growth projection in the next decade. However, this does not necessarily mean that other degrees are null and void, or that other career paths are dead ends, just that these 5 careers will see the highest growth.

1.       Lecturers, College tutors


Teaching might not seem cool to a lot of people, but this profession is rapidly growing. The education arena will always need teachers, and with the increasing number of people going to college for further studies and specialization, this field is growing. In the next year, this career is expected to grow at 23 percent as the demand for qualified college instructors grows.

College professors enjoy great flexibility in their work schedule and attract more additional jobs like consultancies and board membership. In fact it doesn’t even have to be college, as normal school teachers for primary and high school are seeing a job growth rate of 18 percent.

 2. Financial Services

financial analysts

Accountants, Actuaries, Financial Advisers

In most colleges, those who love numbers are few and far in between. However, most companies require financial analysts and accountants to ensure that the company/organization’s finances correspond with government laws are regulations. Money management is complex and integral for most companies and with the growth of private firms, the need for financial experts will grow. It is not just companies who are in need of financial expert, employees also need expertise of perusal financial experts.  Job growth for financial advisers is expected to be 41% over the next decade. In addition, a financial adviser makes a whopping $101,000 yearly.

3. Engineering Jobs


Project Engineer, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Oil & Petroleum Industry Engineers

Quality engineers are becoming increasingly hard to find. Most students avoid math and science majors in universities, deeming the subjects either too hard or too boring to pursue. As a result, you find that the number of engineering students is low yearly. Despite this, companies are actively seeking engineers and this field will see a job of growth from 24% to 31% over the next decade. Recent oil and gas discoveries in East Africa and the Gulf of Guinea suggest that this industry is set to boom. Moreover, with a minimum salary of at least $76,000 per annum, it is becoming an increasingly attractive profession. Contrary to what one might think, the work is low stress and the rewards are incredibly high.



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