5 campus facilities you should take advantage of

american football at UoN
american football team at UoN

Campus is designed to help a comrade grow and develop in their personality, career and character. The institution of higher of learning is designed to help students get more than just education. If you graduate with just a degree, you will have wasted your time in campus. There is so much in campus you will be the poorer if you don’t take advantage of these opportunities:

  1. Gym

Campus gyms are cheap and equipped with modern machines. Everyone is given the freedom to use any work out machine plus you have more than eager ‘personal trainers’ in the form of dedicated gym addicts. Campus gyms don’t have many restrictions and you have a lot of time to trim and shape up. No student has a reason to gain weight in college, not with the gym and track available for all students.

  1. Dancing lessons

There are a lot of dance crews who practice only if they are not sleeping or in class. You can join one of the groups and within no time, you will be part of the team. These dance groups look for opportunities to show their skills and if they are really good get paid to perform by corporations in events. So you should start earning as you enjoy dancing. There are also salsa and flash mob crews which offer training in particular step and sequence coordination.

  1. Boot camps.

Multinational corporations like Intel, Microsoft and Google have active student programs where they select student ambassadors. There are a lot of opportunities in these programs, in campus and after. The programs include boot camps for interested students to learn about different aspects of their products. Free tutorials are resources are availed to students which can lead to your main job after campus. Its not just for comp science majors. Other companies also search for brand ambassadors and this is a good opportunity to interact with managers in senior positions.

  1. Sports and clubs

It’s a good way to pass time, work out and get skills of playing a certain game. The beauty of campus sports is the facilities and abundance of time and energy. Universities heavily rely on sports to boost their reputation which in turn leads them into investing heavily in the sporting activities. Therefore, it’s smart to take advantage of these resources while still having fun. You should also join clubs like AIESEC and SIFE which provide a wide variety of opportunities.

There are abundance of places where one can get access to musical instruments; the music department, CU, campus choir etc. With such ease to of access, it is encouraged to learn at least one instrument. The training of how to handle and play the instruments is usually held in the evening or during weekends. But one can also get free how-to-clips from the music department or download them to exercise on their own time.



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