5 Benefits Of A New Job In 2018


As 2017 nears its end, the preparations for 2018 are in top gear. Planning is key, especially when you are anticipating a job shift. As a new employee, here are a few things you can get excited about in the new year:
1. Tuition Allowance
Employers want their new workers to improve their skills which translates to increased output for the organization. If you were studying accounting and you had attained, CPA level two, you may find yourself in class advancing the next four levels! You must, therefore, adjust your schedule to accommodate the extra classes.

2. Flexible Work Hours
This is common for companies whose employees can work from any location. Their physical presence is not necessarily important. Tech-based organizations are known to offer this incentive to its employees.

3. Free Breakfast and Lunch
As opposed to having a small fraction of your salary deducted to cater for the lunch provided in the office, some organizations have chosen to stimulate their employees’ performance by offering free meals. In some big companies like Google, free lunch and snacks are at an eye level. Besides, Fridays are filled with alcoholic drinks-beer and wine. And what a better way to start off the day with free breakfast!

4. Tablets/Laptops/Airtime
A first-timer at organizations that carry out data/statistical analysis is welcomed with a tablet and/or a laptop as a tool of work. Data bundles may be a plus for you as statistical work involves numerous references over the internet. Depending on the kind of work you do, these items are granted for free. A marketing firm will give ample airtime due to the constant conversation with clients.

5. Private Medical Cover
An everyday handshake from your boss cannot be just a signatory move without knowing your well being. The traditional National Health Insurance Fund-NHIF- is ‘ripped’ with uncertainty on its usefulness hence some companies opt to provide basic medical covers to their new employees.



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