5 aspects to consider when dating in the millennial age


Dating as a millennial, or dating a millennial is quite the experience.

The increasing number of people saying they don’t do relationships or commitments or any sort is alarming.  The ‘Sponsors’ mentality has taken over the youth’s definition of a relationship. Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of hard effort and patience to be in a relationship with someone your age set and make it work.  Here is how to make it work;

1.80/20 Rule

This rule theorizes that your partner must have 80% of what you want in a partner, while the other 20% you compromise.  You will see the 20% in other people and be tempted to get it, however, the fact that your partner has 80% of what you want; ensures that you remain in that relationship. Now the question is;  is it worth it? Throw away the 80% for 20 %.   It’s about valuing what’s on the table and not wanting to lose that for something that will last a month or so.

2.Mutual Effort

First, do away with ‘ the man is the provider. What’s yours is ours and mine is mine’ nonsense.

Men feel and need help or to be appreciated as much as you do.  For the ladies don’t sit around and watch him make all the effort. Surprise him once in a while, and make plans together. If he can’t meet all the costs 100%, help him. There is no harm in that. You can make a relationship work by just being the baby and letting your partner carry you around like a burden. You both have to contribute to making it work. You are equal partners.

3.Fix The Attitude

There is no relationship out there that doesn’t have its ups and downs. You are going to hurt each other, make each other feel emotions that you never knew existed.  But you have to work through them. Stay strong and work through it.  Don’t allow yourself to be disrespected in the name of fixing a relationship. It is also important to know when to leave but most relationship woes can be fixed.

4.Posh Lifestyle

Sponsors will provide the posh life but how much of your life are you sacrificing just to have that lifestyle. You want to experience things; go hiking and all those things young people do. You have to know that you’ll get there with a joint effort with your partner.  Travel and sleep in cheap hotels. There is nothing wrong with that. You are building something bigger, something money can’t buy but you have to be patient. You don’t owe anyone a rich lifestyle out here.

5. Social Media

Social media can fix and also break your relationships. Social media doesn’t determine how much you mean to each other. They might post you and you think that’s going to make your bond grow but it will not. It takes so much real effort to strengthen the bond.  Post them to appreciate them and just be proud of them but not a way to show how much you love them. A lot of millennials would say, ‘ when I start posting my partner just know it’s serious’. That’s not a way to show how committed you are. Posting them so a thousand people that you don’t know can see doesn’t mean a thing.




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