5 album releases set for 2018, including Ukoo Flani’s resurrection


2017 was a bit unsettling for most Kenyan artists following the all-year political hullabaloo, which kept most musicians under the ‘wait and see’ type of setting. For this reason, many opted to either reschedule or recoil the release dates for their music.

Here are some of the artists in 2018 who have promised great music this year

1.Red Acapella

The duo chanted “Ona Sasa” as their new song on social media platforms and TV shows which hyped their new  Acapella and Afro-fused music style. Speaking on 10over10 show, the two hinted at a new album before December. Let’s hope they’ll be featuring more new artists on that album.


2.Sauti Sol

Off their new album, “Melanin” and “Girl Next Door”, two singles of their new album have already seen great success. The 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards Best African Act winner could be tailoring their latest LP, Afrikan Sauce, to reinvent themselves after last years’ controversy which almost tilted their fan base. The band comprehends that they may lose a few fans, one lane no musician would dare cross!


After releasing “Rongai” one of her most popular tracks, Hulda Serro, one of the newest Soul/RnB artist in the 254 zone, is determined to grace 2018 with an EP. The will be the very first project she hopes to have accomplished after graduating with a Music Production degree from Kenyatta university last year.

4.Ukoo Flani

Believe it or not, this group will be making a comeback in 2018 with a new album. Key among the artists to be featured on the new album include Mombasa’s finest freestyler and lyricist-Kaa La Moto and a decade-long hip-hop heavyweights-Jimwat among others The group disclosed the over 10-year-old silence on the Trend with one of their members.

5.Muthoni Drummer Queen

“Kenyan Message” and “Suzie Noma” are just among the list of tracks off her new album, SHE, which is yet to be launched this year. Muthoni sounds like she has changed her social engagements in support of the girl child with her song “Suzie Noma” and a direct hit on the bad and corrupt Kenyan leadership, which is portrayed lyrically in the “Kenyan Message”. We can not wait to hear what the rest of the album holds.



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