4 ways you could win your campus elections


Campaign season is here and with it all the strategies to attract the votes of students across the campus. With campaign tactics that include extravagant parties and free merchandise, a little effort can go along when it comes to winning the vote.

  1. Be genuine

When campaigning for student leadership it is important to maintain your integrity.  You can win voters over with your personality. The real you can be an indication of what kind of a leader you would be which will make the student population endeared to you.


  1. Be fun

Although the campaign trail is difficult as candidates compete for the top positions, it is always important to bring some fun to the situation. It should be noted that it is a delicate balance to achieve; keeping it light can make your campaign unique. Check out the campaign by Hannah Dualeh from Bristol University. She made a parody of the jam “Hotline Bling” by Drake.




  1. Money is no object

Though many think that to have a great campaign, lots of money is required, the idea could not be further from the truth. With the use of social media,  transforming your campaign is as easy as 1-2-3. Throwing money at students in the hopes that they would give you their vote is an archaic campaign strategy. Be smart and use social media to transform the competitive campaign and swing it to your favor. Discuss issues on platforms like Twitter and Facebook and create your strategy based on student needs.


  1. Be inclusive

Including minority groups as part of your manifesto can make all the difference. A plan that encompasses all groups of people like university athletes, geeks and artists can give you the win. It is also important not to over promise and under deliver.



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