4 ways you can make your recess trip cheaper


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It’s never too early to plan a trip with your friends. The semester is almost half way through so getting the squad together is a must. Although the cost of a trip may vary depending on where you choose to go, here are some simple tips you can use to cut down the cost of travel.

  1. Be different

The typical trip to Mombasa is actually quite expensive. When you crunch the numbers, the cost of transport, food and hotel accommodation can be quite hefty on a student budget. Locations like Nakuru and Naivasha have different attractions with a variety of things to do. However, if you do decide to visit the oceanside city, sharing rooms or staying in backpackers accommodation could be cheaper.

  1. Get Identified

Carry your student identification when traveling. Student rates are always much cheaper which can get you some special offers and discounts. Be savvy when traveling to avoid spending more than is necessary.

  1. Half board is half the price

When traveling with friends the objective of the trip is really staying in the hotel. Enjoy the adventure and tour the area. Pay for your accommodation on half board, basically bed and breakfast and enjoy your other meals elsewhere. This will allow you to really experience the culture while saving your pennies.

  1. Squad goals are always cheaper

Going with a squad is always cheaper when traveling. The cost of accommodation can be split in half when sharing a double room. A large meal can be shared and activity costs can be shared in half. Traveling with your friends is not only more fun, it’s also cheaper.



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