4 Ways Any Student Can Plug In While In Campus


Campus life comes with a fair number of challenges. It is a hub inhabited by people from different walks of life, with different beliefs and social orientations. There are several negative vices that arise from the idle minds of students. Finding an interesting activity can help maintain an individual’s focus and rid them the temptations on campus as well as build their mental, social and physical growth. Below is a list of indulgences that students can opt to go for or choose from, to keep a healthy university lifestyle.


1.Join A Student Club

To build exposure, networks and knowledge outside of the classroom, universities encourage the existence of student clubs or associations. Some of the famous student clubs are Aiesec and Yalda, which are common in many of our campuses. Other associations emanate from particular study disciplines, schools or departments. These include Architecture Students Association, Engineering Students Association, Actuarial Students Association, and more. These clubs encourage unity, by organizing activities that are of great benefit to student life.


2.Join A SportsTeam

Most campuses have a number of games ranging from football, rugby, basketball, and even volleyball. To kill the boredom and maintain a healthy lifestyle joining a sports team is a great idea. One can also engage in particular hobbies. For singers, readers or writers,  there are a couple of singing groups, university choirs or writing clubs that an individual’s passion can come to life.


3.Joining A Faith Group

Faith groups are common in college. They range from Muslim faith groups, Christian unions, and Young Catholic Associations. These groups help ground an individual’s faith and morality. A prime example is SALT, a well-known Christian Union at the University of Nairobi under the stewardship of Mamlaka Hill Chapel as well the ‘The Journey group,’ present in UoN and JKUAT. For students’ home churches, one can also join a youth group.


4.Enroll For Professional Courses

Professional courses are always a boost to an individual’s career. Most current employers tend to go for job seekers that have an extra skill or training, most of which are acquired from these courses. These courses not only impart additional skills and knowledge, they also maintain an individual’s focus and help alienate him from murky/risky college indulgences. These courses include CPA, ACCA, CFA etc. for those interested in finance-related careers; ARCHICAD for those in construction courses and foreign languages for those interested in diplomacy.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Luseka Socrates.




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