4 Ways Men Cope After A Break Up


It is understandable that a recent break up often leaves lovers with feelings that linger on. Most times, expression ‘accept and move on’ is always easier said than done. But of course, it does not come as a surprise that women and men handle breakups differently.

Here are some of the ways men cope with a recent break up:

1. Binge Drinking
Regardless of when or how bad the break-up was, a drink is often part of the first remedies the modern man seeks. Many times, a man could drink from sunrise to sunset in the hopes that alcohol will help them drown his sorrows and forget their troubles.

2. Back With The “Back up Chic”
After a relationship is said and done for, men waste no time to seeking out other women to ease the pain of the recent breakup. The woman could be one he laid eyes on a while back –at college, work, or at an event. Let’s just say, he has her digits and he will not hesitate to use them. Reactions after breakups are different. Some men will try to ‘heal’ their heartache with hookups with one-night stands. Others will venture into adult sites just to take their mind off their ex.

3. Explore Their New Found Independence
Driving to a new place for no reason, participating in a sport are among the many activities men tend to engage in after a breakup. Often looking to regain their independence, men go to extremes to “find themselves” again after the end of a relationship.

4. Men Turn Destructive and Violent
If at all movies do create the impression of the destructive nature of a man. But not all men will become violent. However, it is not uncommon that some punch almost anything that lay in their way. This is an expression of anger because crying isn’t their thing. Nonetheless, this is no excuse that men should turn violent when life does not go their way.





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