4 ways to manage change in your life


There is too much pressure nowadays in planning for the future. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to plan, I actually do myself, but what happens when you have everything planned to a T and everything backfires on you? Disappointment happens often, however, you should never let it pull you down. There is no need to stress over what one cannot change.

Here are a few ways to manage change:

1.Manage your expectations
You have been having this great dream, time to put the dream into action. As much as it is good to believe in oneself and the capabilities, it is also good to protect oneself from the hurt that comes with not accomplishing what you had set out to achieve. Manage your expectations and work towards accomplishing your goal but don’t expect too much.

2. Bottle the excitement
We are usually so excited whenever we have a new idea. We feel like the idea has come just at the right moment. But as time goes by, we realize that the idea is not actualizing and we feel so frustrated and depressed. The secret is to bottle the excitement we have whenever we have new ideas and approach the situation objectively. Think critically and make strategies on how to make the dream into a reality. Relax, take a breath and bottle that excitement.

3. Adapt to change
Things change every single day, sometime we may not foresee it. When making plans, we may at times overlook the fact that sometimes we have to change with the seasons in our lives. As much as it is good to plan, let’s not forget that things happen and when they do it’s either we change the situation or let the situations change us. Change is as good as rest. So whenever change comes, embrace it even though it might distort your plans.

4. Focus ahead
The future is for the bold. So focus on the future. Live a day at a time. Be positive about the future. Make plans, travel, better yourself today expecting the future to bigger and better.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Vaines Msinga.



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