4 Ways To Kick Start The New Year


The rush that accompanies the December Holiday season is one force no one can withstand. From traveling to the countryside and/or abroad to gorging junk food, all these activities fill up our time schedule, making us forget about the impending new year ahead.
Before you resume your office work, it’s critical to make changes to the following areas to ensure you increase your productivity in the new year.

1. Healthy Eating Habits
The Christmas Holidays are characterized by binge eating and overindulgence. Many people find this time the most appropriate time to satiate their hunger with all kinds of food – healthy or unhealthy. You’ve been eating chicken, fries, beef from January till now and when you head to ‘shags’for Christmas, you indulge in the meal your family considers fit for the festivity. To get a great start on your year, practice healthy food choices to keep your energy up and stay healthy.

2. Plan Your Back-To-Work Schedule
Resuming work after a long holiday can be difficult. To kick-start your productivity, it’s important to plan when you hope to resume work. Make arrangements to go back to work including doing laundry, sorting out your dry cleaning, meal prep among other errands. Decluttering, and preparing yourself for a new year adjusts your mindset to increase your productivity.

3. Deactivate Your ‘Out-of-Office’ Email Auto Response
A vacation entails moving far away from the busy noisy city life and finding a quiet place to chill. What follows is switching your email response to auto mode and tossing your computer to the side while one finally gets some much-needed rest and relaxation. When back in the office, deactivate your “out-of-office” reply and remain within reach, just in case an opportunity arises.

4.  Arrive Early, Leave Early
To beat the post-vacation blues, arrive to work early. Avoid conflicting with your boss on punctuality. This will also give you enough time to organize your workstation. Everyone definitely needs sleep. However, day one at work normally has lots to catch up on. To avoid procrastinating, and increase productivity make it a point to arrive early to work in 2018.



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