4 Ways To Get Over A Break-Up


It is one of those relationships where it seems like you are soul mates. Just the idea of being separated, is unbearable. Your heart skips a little bit faster every time you see them. You stare at them while they sleep and think “ how I love this person”. It is simply magical.

While you are totally smitten in love, all logic is thrown out of the window and you remain oblivious of the reality that you are growing apart. Then boom, your partner wants to opt out! Wait, what? Is she/he crazy? You’ve gone through fire together, this can’t be happening. “Everything will be fine, they will want you back,” you tell yourself. But this time, they mean it, they are done.

Your pleas fall on deaf ears, and the future turns grime. So you grant yourself 2 to 3 days to cry and wallow in self-pity. When the grieving days are over and its time to move on. Here is how to be on the winning end:


1.Accept the situation

Accept its gone. Evaluate the relationship and see what you’ve learned. Upgrade your standards.

2.Reconnect with friends and family

Have friends and loved ones support you. If you are not comfortable when they talk about your ex, tell them. Go out, have fun with them.

3. Keep your distance

Observe the “No contact” rule. Don’t contact them. If you want to block them on social media do so, let no one tell you otherwise. It’s about you becoming better not how bad they will feel when you block them. What if they call? Don’t pick! Don’t respond to their texts.

The reason behind no contact rule is to detox yourself from them. Think of them as a drug you are addicted to. To get over the addiction is to go cold turkey on it. Do so, until you are stable and ready to have a level-headed conversation.

4.Get back into the dating scene

Enjoy single until you are ready to date. Do everything you can when single. Be a better version of you. Grow yourself. Focus on you.





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