4 Ways You Can Free Yourself From Insecurities & Find Happiness


There are moments in our lives that we feel like we are not good enough. Trust me, it is a struggle everyone deals with. Even that person, you look up to, they have insecurities. How you handle your insecurities is all that matters.

Here are some ways how to handle them:

1. Identify and accept them

You cant handle a problem if you don’t know what it is, right? Now, identify that insecurity, and accept it. Its part of you, it doesn’t make you any less human, you are unique just as you are, and that flaw might be your strength. It is important to embrace it and work on it.

2.Do not seek validation

Many times when you are aware of something that is not the ‘normal’ you try to seek validation from others. Asking a friend, or family member ‘ do I look too fat?’. That question right there says a lot about your confidence. And at times if our loved ones are brutally honest and don’t care how you’ll feel or if you don’t look as they expect, they would say, ‘yes, you are too fat’. They have no idea how deep that answer will affect you, but you are affected because you asked for it. So, stop looking for validation.

3.Avoid negative people

There are just people in our lives that know your insecurity and they use it to manipulate you or make fun of you. You might laugh along, but deep down you are hurting and slowly your confidence begins to fade. Avoid these people. If you can’t, then let them know you are not comfortable when they say certain things about you and if they cant change, they are not worthy of you, move on and keep away from them.

4.Get out of your comfort zone

One of the best ways of confronting insecurities is getting out of your comfort zone. Be proud of it, and expose it. Think you’re too dark? Don’t bleach yourself, embrace it and let people know, you are proud of how dark you are. Think you are too fat? Get in a bikini and have fun, be confident. As time goes by, you’ll realize you are getting more confident and happier. They say magic happens out of your comfort zone. It is time to experience the magic outside of your comfort zone.

Insecurities weigh you down, it’s like this force that pulls you back and prevents you from achieving the most out of life. Living life fully is all anyone wants, without limitations or judgments. So get out there, forget what people think about you and live life. Remember, you only live once!



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