4 Videos Who’s YouTube Comment Section Eclipsed The Actual Video


It has become a trend many Youtube users to listen to the latest tracks while reading the Youtube comments. As a means to get a proper understanding of the video as well as get others impressions of the track, the comment section is a great resource offering insights on any video release.

Here are a few of the latest tracks that have had a busy comment section that eclipsed the actual video release.


1.Jason Derulo ft. Ty Dolla Sign, Nicki Minaj- Swalla


Released March 17th, this track’s beats are an ode to Ska, Ragga and Dancehall. The collaboration between the three artists is a great mashup of talents, however, it seems that “Black Barbie” Nicki Minaj owns the track even appearing on the Youtube thumbnail instead of Jason Derulo. The comment section fueled with conversations of Derulo’s new haircut, similar to that of The Weekend. Sporting a new look, Derulo’s dreadlocks became fodder for Youtube’s trolls who did not shy away from sharing their thoughts on the new hairdo.



2. Khaligraph Jones ft. Cashy – Micasa Sucasa


It seems that everything Khaligraph touches turns to gold. After the release of the track “Micasa Sucasa” via his Youtube account on the 7th of November, the track continues to grow in popularity. With over 2,000 comments, the track saw lots of support on air and online. The heavy hip hop beats and collaboration between the two love birds had many excited over the talent exhibited in the track.



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3. Collo ft. Brunz Newton – Bazkizo

This gospel track went viral and had many dancing in their seats. The track “Bazkizo” was the comeback track for Collo,  a former member of Kleptomanias. However, though it may have been Collo’s debut track since getting born again, the star of the video was the lead dancer. The gentleman dressed in green lit the comment section on fire with his confidence, impeccable moves and jubilant personality.


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4. Willy Paul ft. Size 8 – Tiga Wana



Willy Paul is known to go viral and the video release of his track “Tiga Wana” featuring Size 8 was no different. With  11 million views, the Youtube video crossed platforms as many commented on its content on Twitter. The comment section did not lack a choice of hilarious comments as many shared their opinions on the gospel track.


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Share your views. Which video’s comment section did you enjoy reading through most?



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