4 unbelievable things women do to win men over


Love is one of the things women look after in a relationship. Women have been known to do anything to win the hearts of the men they admire. Some of these things work while others do not help you bag the man of your dreams. Here are four crazy things women do in order to get love from a man:

1.Faking Orgasms
This is a very common practice among women. In an attempt to massage a man’s ego, most women often fake an orgasm to please their men. However, faking an orgasm can also be detrimental to a relationship. A woman might be able to massage a man’s ego, however, if discovered it could tear a relationship apart. Faking organisms can make a couple lose their relationship.

2.Tightening the  Honeypot
There is this notion that men love a tight honeypot. Many women have since looked for better ways to secure their marriage, going to all lengths. Women use different chemicals to tighten the honeypot becoming virgins again. However, these extreme measures are often dangerous and do not guarantee that one’s partner will actually stay.

3.Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery has been in constant discussion for those in the quest for beauty and perfection. More and more Kenyan women have gone to extent of enlarging their breasts, tightening their bellies and various other nip and tack procedures so as to appear more beautiful. However, the dangers that come with such procedures are high; one must judge if it worth the risk. Socialites such as Huddah Monroe have been very honest about their journey towards perfection with plastic surgery; however, their results are unique to their body types. Do not be fooled, always do your research before having surgery.

It’s interesting to note that African women are no longer proud of their skin color. A good number of women have resorted to using bleaching chemicals to get a lighter complexion. In the quest to looking lighter and brighter, women often end up with uneven skin tones, spots, and even risk being more susceptible to cancer and sensitive skin. Now in the age of celebrated melanin, bleaching is an unnecessary attempt in trying to secure a man. In fact, these days as Tupac says, “the darker the berry the sweeter the juice.”



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