4 Types Of Young University Voters


As a country, we have experienced a elections twice within months of each other. University students, most of which happen to be relatively new voters have had various reactions to the unique situation. As political discusions rule discussion at public space, here are the several types of  college voters:

1.The Fanatics
These are the die-hard supporters of a certain political party who will introduce themselves in a student gathering as so and so and they believe this is the year their candidate will undoubtedly clinch a certain political seat. The heated arguments in classes and propaganda that spew from their mouths are more than what is present in the campaigns. Sadly, this group can go as far as being offensive especially to those of varying views.

2.The Liberals
They will criticize every single candidate and at the end of their talk you realize you need to be more aware of what’s going on around you. They will then cite several articles and books that leave you more confused than informed. Their heavily accented candidate will have brilliant and foreign ideas that bring you closer to Vision 2030 but once they flop they will support the same flawed aspirants they warned you against.

3.The Undecided
In every conversation, there are the fence sitters who will never state their view though they will ask questions, list the pros and cons and with a little persuasion will support a different candidate every single time.

4.The Indifferent
They will go through the heated conversations without a single interest and have no clue of even the election dates and the various candidates.

This doesn’t mean that we all fall in any of these groups but more likely than not we are a combination of them. Elections come and go thus it is important that we respect each other and our different views and make informed choices based on our own judgement and that we remain peaceful.



This article was writteb by Capital Campus Correspondent by Maureen Njoki .




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