4 Tricks To Create A Memorable Date


Running out of ideas on how to make a great impression on the first date? How about you think of doing the following:

How about you think of doing the following:
1. Cooking
Gentlemen, I’m sure there’s that one meal she loves to cook and possibly thinks of it as her favorite. This could be your opportunity to showcase your cooking skills. Before D-day, get the ingredients and surprise your girl.

2. Get Active
Engaging in physical exercise is said to bond couples. Taking a casual tour in the forest like the hiking trail in Karura Forest, or perhaps visiting a natural feature like Mt Longonot is also a beautiful expereince to share.Every lady has that sport/game she’s interested in. Get out and play!

3. Do Something Charitable
Most memories are created when something good is done. To make your first date worth remembering have the arrangement to visit either a home for the elderly, needy children’s home or accompany an NGO in their effort to make contributions in respective areas. Remember, the aim of the date is to create lasting memories and at the same time, impress your partner.

Not all first dates should be about eating at a fancy restaurant or traveling to unique places. You could decide to keep it simple. If she loves drawing, painting photography, let her come over the place you’ve designated all these to happen. Draw pictures of each other. That’s always a good start.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Willie Blair.




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