4 traits that men find unattractive in women


A beautiful, intelligent and respected woman is an asset to any man.

A loving woman will always be on your side during both good and bad times, however, some women often disappoint their partners. Here are four traits men find unattractive in women.

1. Uncleanliness
Cleanliness is one of the major things many men look at most before dating a woman. They want a woman who is neat and well organized and could to magic when it comes to organizing their house. Dating a woman who doesn’t care about her hygiene is a tragedy and often leads many men to ‘ghost’ a woman.

2. Loud and Unruly
A man is just like other human beings. There are things that make men happy and at the same, there are various aspects that annoy men. Noise is one of the things that can make him lose interest easily. No man likes a woman who shouts at the top of her voice whether quarreling or cheering. It is better to be composed, all while letting your personality shine through ladies!

3. Over-independent ladies
A lady with a salary shouldn’t expect her man to cater for all her needs. It would be great to split the bills between both individuals in the relationship. Most men love having a woman who is not only there as a wife or girlfriend but also as a helper. They also want a woman who can make him be stronger and stable, helping reach his dreams as he does the same for her.

4. Laziness
Laziness is one of the things that many men detest most in women. A little effort goes a long way, so do not expect everything to be done for your sake, instead take interest in those around you. A little elbow grease never hurt anybody.



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