4 tips to ace that job interview



When preparing for a job interview there are a few cardinal rules to follow when headed for an interview. It is not uncommon to be terribly uncomfortable and unsure of yourself as you begin the process of seeking employment. However, it is important to be forewarned on what to expect and prepare adequately.

1. Preparation

Being well prepared can make you stand out from other interviewees. The job market is tough and to catch the eye of employers as an asset to the company, requires you to do your homework. A quick flip through the company’s website and social media pages can give you an inside look into the inner workings of the company. This simple exercise will better equip you to answer interview questions better as well as enable you to understand where you could fit in the company.

2. Confidence

This is a vital trait that could determine who you are perceived in the interview. The ability to be self-assured and have faith in yourself and your abilities will definitely come across in the way you answer your questions. I must warn though that there is a delicate balance between confident and arrogance, avoiding portraying yourself as the latter.

interview3. Emphasize your strengths

An interview may seem like a time to display all your co-curricular activities that you were involved in, but instead, most employers are keen to know how your experiences relate to the job opportunity available. Your ability to link your prior experiences and strengths that you can draw from for the job opportunity is important.

4. Dress to impress

Being well dressed is important. First impressions count even despite being told not to judge a book by its cover. However, carefully consider what you choose to wear. It should be decent and comfortable so that in the event that a pencil does fall on the floor, you can bend over and pick it up.



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