4 Tips On How To Survive The First Day At A New Workplace


Landing the job is what most deem the hardest part of the job seeking process. However, the first week after getting the job is probably the most crucial. It is when the employee can prove his/her worth to the organization. In some ways, the first week validates to the employer if choosing a particular candidate was the best choice. As a new employee it is important that one keeps their end of the bargain, and live up to the expectations of the employer. Here are a few things a newbie can ensure they fit into the organization within the first week.



Though it may seem a small gesture; smiling lifts the mood of others. A welcoming smile could make a stuffy corporate environment seem more friendly. Most importantly, a smile exudes confidence.


2. Be Punctual

Get in early and leave on time. Your last job may have had flexihours, but to make a great first impression one must respect the organization’s working hours. As you begin your new job, it is vital that a new employee respects the office culture. Do not be late, do not be tardy. Remember, there are many who are seeking employment, so do not disrespect your new office by leave at your choosing.


3. Dress The Part

A great outfit could be a confident booster for anyone’s first day. A simple clean suit or a well-fitted skirt is a great way to start of your time at a new organization. To ensure you are appropriately dressed, call ahead to confirm the dress code being either casual business attire or formal. If ever you are in doubt, always dress up.


4. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Volunteer for activities around the office. As the newest member of the organization, it is important to demonstrate a great work ethic. In your new role, break a leg and put in your best effort. It’s the little things that set apart great employees from mediocre ones.





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