3 Tips To Make The Most of Your Reading


With mid-semester exams now done, it seems the work has only just began. With term papers , group work assignments and final exams yet to be conquered, procrastination is not a great approach. As a student, a busy schedule is part of life that makes learning more exciting and certainly more difficult. Juggling one’s social life and academics is a feat and when done right, it can have both parts of one’s life flourish, with neither having to suffer.

Many students find themselves catching up on their readings a few days or hours to a test or exam. The practice of cramming has been helpful to many but rarely has a long lasting  impact on one’s studies. To make the most of what is left of your semester a mental shift is required, think it like going to war, one must come prepared. Here are a few tips to ensure you make the most of the remaining weeks before the dreaded end of semester exams. Remember a positive attitude is half the battle.

Get Fuel

To make the most of your reading sessions whether you are burning the midnight oil at the library or on a study marathon with friends, food is essential. Ensure you are well fed before burying yourself in books. It may not seem like it but reading takes a lot of energy. According to  Scientific American , students who were involved a time of reading and thinking burnt an average of 200 more calories than those students who were relaxing. Observing a nutrient rich diet, consuming lots of fruits and vegetables to keep you full and your mind energized can ensure you are fueled up to read and retain the information you study.

Get organized

A little organization goes a long way. Planning out your assignments, tests and examinations can ensure you are well prepared and remain focused on the task at hand. Keeping reminders on your phone a few days ahead of a major test or exam can save you the frustration and panic that comes with being unprepared. A look at the course content for each course can also keep your readings on track. This can save you time and grantees that you spend time reading relevant content and keep procrastination at bay.

procratinatorTake Breaks

A change is as good as a rest, or so they say. Changing the routine to incorporate something new can keep your routine light and keep your mind engaged. When going through lots of reading material ahead of a big test, it is important to take breaks in between sessions. Just as you would leave a steak marinating for a few minutes to soak in some flavor, you should take a break to allow your brain to stew in the new information.



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