4 tips before you make your college application


Breathe In

The fact that you have passed secondary school is a milestone to celebrate. Take this time off to honor your achievement and slowly begin to work towards the next step. Although applying to universities whether public or private can be quite tedious, it’s always great to remember that many have come before you and succeeded.

Do your homework

Before applying, it is important to do you research on the various courses available according to the grades you attained. Getting a C or D grade is not the end of the road for you. It is always recommended that you find out which universities offer the best in the field you hope to specialize in. Factor in living costs as well as where you think would give you the full college experience. Would you rather be on a large campus or a satellite campus in the city? These are some factors one should consider. You should also be sure of the course you hope to pursue. Do not apply for medicine when your gut is directing you towards architecture. Life is too short to live in regret, choose a course that will make you happy.


When it comes to making your application, procrastination is unacceptable. Make the time to visit the campus and begin the application process. It might take a while to get the acceptance letter, but applying is the first step to you getting the degree you dream of. If you are fearful or unable to do it by yourself, do not be afraid to ask. In fact, applying with your friends gives you comfort in numbers. Make a plan with deadline on when you need to complete everything. This ensures you get your application is submitted at the right time.

Get excited

After the application is sent and you receive your acceptance letter, you can finally get excited. It’s a new chapter of your life. It’s a chance to start on a clean slate, make new friends and discover yourself.  University is your opportunity to take on responsibility and learn to make great decisions. This is beginning of many great things to come and you should be thrilled.



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