4 Reasons why you have trust issues


It’s a shitty world where everyone is trying to survive and make it. Sadly trust has just become so insignificant and people make no effort to earn people’s trust anymore. People do not keep their word like before leading to chronic trust issues among people.

Here are the major causes of trust issues :
1.Bad childhood
Growing up in a home where people walked in and out of your life anytime can often be a major cause of trust issues and abandonment. The inability to trust a father figure or respected relative can have a serious effect on the development of relationships as a child grows into adulthood.

2.Toxic relationships
We are told to leave toxic relationships as soon as possible. But sometimes you just can’t. You are in love and you have hopes that your partner changing. This exposes you to betrayal battling trust issues as well as low self-esteem. After such a horrific experience, you just don’t believe anyone can be with you and not betray you in any way. It can definitely make you a little more paranoid.

3.Life occurrences
Life is tough. Sometimes when it rains, it pours. Sometimes it happens that the people you once trusted are involved in making you go through hardships. It sucks. And every other time someone pops with good intentions you second guess them which is never a good idea. This often complicates relationships with a real rhyme or reason.

Now, very few people tell the truth as it is. Most people lie. Every other time someone tells a lie to your face and then you actually realize later that they lied, a seed of mistrust is planted. The more you are exposed to lies the harder it becomes to believe anyone. You can no longer tell when they are not telling lies and you just result in not trusting anything anyone says.

It’s not easy having trust issues because sometimes you hurt people who actually have good intentions. At the same time, you can’t believe just anything. It is important to be able to discern what is truth and what is not, and whose opinion matters most to you, to avoid getting hurt.



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