4 Reasons Why Kendrick Lamar Should Be Crowned The Greatest


Kendrick Lamar could probably be without a doubt the greatest of all time ( in the 21st Century).


Kendrick Lamar also known as K-DOT launched his new album “DAMN” online and on vinyl on 14th April.  The 29-year-old Compton native, has seen great success already with tracks such as DNA, LOYALTY and DUCKWORTH. The highly anticipated album surpasses expectations with the level of creativity and thought that was invested into the new album was meet with high praise from fans and critics alike.


Kendrick Lamar is known for his music that acts as a commentary on the political scene in addition to the world’s ever-changing popular culture. Kung Fu Kenny aka Kendrick Lamar could probably karate kick popular culture and expose the sad, manipulated reality that today’s youth live in. Indeed there are several reasons why Kendrick could be the greatest of our time. Much like what Tupac and Notorious B.I.G were to the music industry in the 20th Century, Kendrick has proved to be that shining light in the 21st Century.

Here are some of the reasons why Kendrick Lamar is constantly winning:


1.He Always Stays Woke

Known for his politically aware and hard hitting lyrics, Kendrick Lamar was  woke before “staying woke” was a trend for black twitter. The artist sees music as his craft and his lyrics as his tools to reform, entertain and educate his audience. Differentiating himself from most rappers who bury their heads in the sand over the reality around them, K-DOT exhibits a level of realness that makes him relatable and a well of substance where the masses come to find knowledge and revival.



2. He Is Unapologetically Himself

According to Spin, in the new album DAMN Kendrick was influenced by some musical greats. Citing Kanye Wests’ “Jesus Walks”, Kaytranda’s “Glowed Up”, Notorious B.I.G “Things Done Changed” as well as  North Carolina’s rap duo Little Brothers track “For You”. As is common place with artists today, many duplicate styles, whereas Kendrick allows his influences to only influence and never become his style. Since raising in popularity,  his career is associated with his signature style that is characteristic of authentic expression. Never succumbing to the pressures of the industry, Kendrick is an artist who evolves and urges his audiences to grow with him.


3. He Makes Considered Decisions

Many artists including Drake, J.Cole and even B.O.B continue to collaborate with others in an effort to pull popularity and increase album sales. Kendrick, on the other hand, has done quite the opposite. Going against the grain, Kendrick has managed to collaborate without comprising on the quality and purity of his sound while staying even more relevant than ever before. “DAMN” only has two collaborations where he features Rihanna on the track “LOYALTY” and U2 on the track “XXX”. Similarly, Tupac and Biggie rarely ever collaborated with other artists. To be great one must be strong enough to stand on their own. Kendrick Lamar definitely embodies that.


4.He Remains Consistently Great

Named as the world’s most influential people in 2016 by Time Magazine, Kendrick Lamar continues to deliver great music. From his first fully fledged project “Section.08”, to “good kid, mAAd City”, “To Pimp A Butterfly” and now “DAMN”, Kendrick is consistent. His confidence and unsullied truth of life as he sees it is shared through his music, the makings of true legend. This new album has now solidified his place in the music of our generation and for generations to come. Kendrick Lamar referred to himself as the 5-foot giant, a legend and G.O.A.T.



K-DOT, Kendric Lamar aka Kung Fu Kenny is definitely the greatest.



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